about me

Storytelling experience

I started telling stories in 1999 at the Sergent recruteur, a Montreal brewpub which hosted Les Dimanches du conte, one of the oldest ongoing storytelling series in Quebec. While I tell my stories in French most of the time, I’ve performed in English on various occasions:

Highlights of my French-language career include:

Writing experience

I’ve published three novels, La Grande Mort de mononc’ Morbide (2015), Montréel (2011) and Une fêlure au flanc du monde (2008), as well as two collections of tales, each bundled with an audio CD: Feu blanc. Contes de la Lune (2009) and Terre des pigeons (2002). My short stories have appeared in various Quebec magazines including Solaris, XYZ, and Moebius. My written fiction has brought me a few awards, including the Grand Prix de la science-fiction et du fantastique québecois in 2003.