I’m available to meet groups interested in storytelling and literature, whether to tell stories and discuss my craft, or to teach storytelling techniques. The following workshops (and more) can be given to adult or adolescent participants.

Tales of the Now

how to write contemporary tales (beginner level)

Duration: 2 hours and a half to 3 hours

Description: Storytelling as an art form is both ancient and very relevant today. In this workshop, Eric Gauthier shows how the most extraordinary tales can spring from everyday life. Participants will learn how the written text relates to the telling of a tale to an audience. They will also be shown an array of compositional techniques and receive guidance in the writing of a contemporary tale.

Approach: The storyteller begins by telling one of his original tales which will be used as an example for many of the techniques taught in the workshop. Each participant must choose a simple anecdote from which to extrapolate a full-blown tale. The storyteller takes the group through a brainstorming process, explains how to write with the oral performance in mind, and shares many of his favourite techniques (exaggeration, selection of details, etc.) using spoken exercises. While the workshop is too short for the writing of an entire story, participants are invited to write the basic framework of a tale, which they can later flesh out at their leisure.

Your Words, Heard

how to read or tell in front of an audience (beginner level); can be combined with the “Tales of the Now” workshop above

Duration: variable (30 minutes to 2 hours)

Description: Eric Gauthier, storyteller and writer of strange tales, shows how to bring a story to life through speech and poise. Whether you wish to tell or simply read a story, this is your opportunity to learn how to prepare, how to use a microphone, how to grab the attention of your listeners… in other words, how to best serve story and audience alike.

Approach: Each participant must bring a story. The storyteller goes over basic preparation principles, then demonstrates various performance techniques for the participants to try immediately. Each participant then benefits from the storyteller’s critique and personalised advice.

Longer workshops

I’ve also put together a three-day workshop on the craft of storytelling (for the Ches Wepes festival in France).