Style and target audience

Storytelling style: I like to tell colourful, modern stories that take the listener by surprise. Most of my stories are original creations, contemporary rather than traditional — there’s plenty of fantasy to be found in urban settings, if you know where to look. My style is simple, straightforward, stripped-down: no accessories, no backdrops, no costume. In certain types of venues, I can tell without a stage or microphone.

Target audience: My stories are written with an adult and adolescent audience in mind.

Language: I can tell equally well in English and in French.

Performances offered

I’ve put together a 60-minute show in English called Strange Menagerie (see details).

I can also prepare a show according to your needs by picking from my repertoire those tales most appropriate to the audience and occasion of your choosing.

Where and how?

I can tell (and have told) stories in a wide variety of contexts:

  • auditoriums and cabaret settings (including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and the Place des Arts de Montréal)
  • storytelling festivals (and other cultural events)
  • conventions
  • museums
  • Halloween night (I love spooky stories)
  • corporate events (in the office or elsewhere)
  • benefits
  • universities, cégeps and high schools

…and I’m always up for new experiences. Nearly any venue can lend itself to storytelling as long as the audience is able to concentrate on the stories without too many distractions.

I plan the duration of each performance according to your needs. I can tell a short story as part of a programme featuring multiple artists, or I can spin a whole universe by myself over an hour and a half. A show usually contains many stories: I have tales ranging from 5 to 20 minutes each.


My rates vary based on the specifics of each project. For an estimate, please write to my agent.