Story assistance

I offer private consultations for fiction writers. Whether you need help getting a new story off the ground or you’re looking for a way to fix an existing story, you may benefit from a fresh set of eyes. I can help you organise your ideas and explore the ramifications of your initial concept. If your story is already written, I can offer constructive criticism by pointing out strengths and weaknesses at many levels: structure, theme, language. While working on a specific project, I also like to share general principles and methods that will be useful in all your subsequent writing.

As a storyteller, I can also help you write for the stage and tailor your work to a specific audience.

These consultations can take place in person, by phone or via the internet. Interested? Please write and my agent will confirm the consulation fee (if I need to read a story beforehand, there may be a slight surcharge depending on the length of the text).