Most of my stories are contemporary tales of my own creation. Here’s a partial list:

Wrong number
Ti-Gus was an ordinary guy who was, if anything, a little too accommodating. When he moved to a new apartment, he found himself handling more than his share of wrong numbers. With so many people expecting him to be someone else, what could he do but give them what they wanted? In the process, he got what he needed: a touch of adventure, a chance at romance.

The erudite octopus
A Montreal fable: on Mont-Royal avenue, two storefront ornaments — an ant and an octopus — try to keep up with current events in the world of humans.

How Ganesh got stuck with an elephant head
An old Hindu myth with a modern, humourous tone: a story of family and perseverance. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Set in Italy in the ’50s, this cautionary tale chronicles the rise and fall of a man who could speak with pigeons.

The minivan from the future
Wherein we learn that bare-handed moose hunting and mysterious mists are all routine occurrences for storytellers on the road. A true story.

Programmer’s moon
Alone in the office on a full moon night, a computer programmer works overtime, chasing down an elusive bug. He needs the money to pay for his upcoming wedding. As marriage and deadlines loom closer and his grip on sanity starts slipping, he realizes that his work will never be done: the whole world is full of bugs…

Stranded on the Twelfth
A story set in the legendary Thompson residence of the University of Ottawa. Life on the twelfth floor turns strange when the elevators break down and the students must learn to survive using the resources at hand. (read the complete tale)

The Double God
In Ottawa U’s legendary Thompson residence, life has turned tribal and students worship a god both domestic and majestic. (read the complete tale)